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  • How do I know which Program is right for me?
    It depends on your fitness goals, there are a number of programs that are available, please refer to the phase descriptions provided on the website. If you are not sure which program to select, please email me at I will guide you the best way I can.
  • What is the difference between the phases of the 6 week challenge?
    There is Phase 1, Phase 2, Phase 3, Rockstar, Return Rockstar, Forever Rockstar, Get Jac'd, Level 2 Phase 1 and Lifer Maintenance. Please refer to the 6 week transformation information provided.
  • Are the nutrition plans restrictive? How do you create them?
    Each plan is customized to provide the concepts of functional balanced meals. They are not calorie deficient. The focus is an intuitive and balanced approach to achieve long term lifestyle habits. Integration of whole foods and protein, whether it is animal based, plant based or other.
  • Do I have to have a gym membership to do the training/workouts?
    No, I created each plan as a result of the initial "stay home" order. All training/workouts can be done at home with limited equipment and if clients have access to a gym, training can be done there as well.
  • Do I need to have workout experience to join the 6 week challenge?
    No you do not need experience with weight lifting or exercise. The program has visual aids (video demonstrations) for novice clients to refer to. I encourage clients to take advantage of the virtual weekly check-ins to ask questions about any aspect of training.
  • Do I need to take vitamins or supplements and if I do which ones do you recommend I get?
    I provide all my clients with a recommended list of supplements to consider, which are completely voluntary. I am a Magnum Supplement Sponsored Athlete and will refer you to them for most of the supplements. If you do not have a previous medical history and are not taking prescription medication most supplements are encouraged to assist in increased overall health and quicker recovery from weight training. If you are being followed by a physician, please consult with them prior to starting any program and/or supplements.
  • How long are the workouts on the 6 week challenge?
    The training ranges from 45 mins to 1 hour of time.
  • What kind of results should I expect participating in the 6 week challenge?
    Clients that follow the plan provided for the 6 weeks can not only expect to see an overall decrease in body fat and an increase in lean muscle tissue, but the mental transformation is by far the most valuable in results. Refer to before and after photos.
  • How is progress measured or monitored?
    Coach Jac will request weekly progress photos that include: front, side and rear views of each client, unless instructed otherwise at the time of the scheduled check-in. Measurements and weight is also requested at the beginning and end of the challenge. Coach also requests client feedback as well.
  • What kind of support is offered in the 6 week challenge?
    Virtual weekly check-ins with Coach Jac and access to participate in an online group chat via instagram 24/7. The group chat is a platform where clients express positivity, share there thoughts, recipes, motivational stories and where Coach posts bonus workouts, recipes and/or address the challenge team as a whole.
  • What is your refund policy?
    A full refund will be provided only if the plans have not been sent. Once you have received your plan and the program has started there will be no refunds. Based on unforeseen circumstances you will be given the option to defer and hold your spot in a future challenge / programs.
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